A Southern Rock & Country Show

Straight from Nashville

Trash the Musical


Cus’ There’s A Little Trailer Park In All Of Us!

Think PussyCat Dolls goes Trailer Park and you have the concept for Trash”!  A bawdy and bold Southern Rock & Country revue straight from Nashville.   This show is all original music written by some of the worlds best songwriters.   And it’s an age old story line.  Girl see’s boy….girl gets boy……girl loses boy……girl stalks boy… girl trashes his house and keys car….girl gets restraining order….girl finds new boy!   An American Trailer Park Love Story!  Timeless!

“I think there is a little bit of Trailer Park inside all of us,” says Bradley Kuykendall, the producer and shows originator. These women are strong and empowered. They are confident, fearless and vulnerable all at the same time.  And “Trash” looks at all sides of these complex women and their relationships, with an incredible singing and dancing ensemble !!